July 12, 2011

Standing Tall

Watercolor 7x22

This is unusual subject for me. The 7x22 size makes it a dramatic painting. Someone said there should be a poem to go with this painting. Any poets out there?


Bonnie Mann said...

Beautiful, Marilyn! I would love to visit this site. It looks so peaceful.

Sharon Pugh said...

This is beautiful and I love the size/shape. Gregg is quite the poet. You should have him write something. Was this a commission?


Alex said...

hey marilyn! it's alex! the girl from vacation at jim thorpe! i was interested in this post because well....im a poet!

Will Ryan said...

Love your work, Marilyn...are any of these pieces for sale that are shown here?..I'd be interested in several but one particularly....email me at: dotcomer@optonline.net. Thanks, Will Ryan

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