November 23, 2008

Shepherd of the Hills Prayer Garden

In 2004 I was commissioned to paint a watercolor rendering of the proposed prayer garden/columbarium to be constructed at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I walked the property where the columbarium was to be located and began to create the garden in my mind. I saw that the church would be in the background. I imagined sitting on a tree-shaded bench in the garden surrounded by winding paths on the gently sloping hillside in the midst of native plant life. A view of mountain vistas would create a peaceful oasis for visitors to linger, to meditate, and to pray.
The Columbarium structures would be in the form of large boulders, each containing 45 niches for cremated human remains and faced with engraved granite nameplates.
Returning to my studio with a set of architect's plans I was ready to "create" the garden on a large sheet of watercolor paper.
In April of 2005 the construction began. The dedication of the Prayer Garden was Sunday, April 9, 2006. The painting hangs in the vestibule of the church. In a few days I will post a picture of the actual garden as it looks today.

November 18, 2008

Too Much Sand for Carl

This is another watercolor of Carl at the Florida beach. His Grandmother Carole told me that he didn't want to get sand in his toes and kept his feet raised while he sat in his beach chair.

November 16, 2008

A Day at the Beach

I was commissioned to paint this portrait of of young mother, Rachel, holding her baby boy, Carl, at the beach in Florida.

November 15, 2008

The Octogon Cafe

The Octogon Cafe was located across from the beautiful fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It was so relaxing to sit outside at a table with friends and sip an iced tea, watching the fountain rise into the sky with the mountains in the background. The owners, Jim and Cindy, supported the arts in the community and invited artists to display their works. I was asked to have a display and to paint one day a week at the restaurant. I had never painted before an audience and was not sure I could do this. To my surprise, once I began chatting with the customers I found I was relaxed and looked forward to my afternoons painting at the Octogon Cafe.

I recently visited Fountain Hills and my friend, Barbara, took me to lunch at their new lakeside location. I had a great reunion with Jim and saw the painting I had gifted them hanging on the wall. It occurred to me that I had not taken a photo of this painting and was glad for the opportunity be able to post it on my blog.

November 14, 2008

Capt. John

Last summer we spent a wonderful week-end with our cousins, John and Betty, at their lake house on Granbury Lake. To our delight, John took us for several long rides on their pontoon boat towing grandaughter, Hannah, behind us in a tube. She had a great ride! What fun.

November 12, 2008


A few years ago, my grandaughter, Missy, wanted to dress as a flapper for Halloween. I took the opportunity to teach her to sew as we created a bright red dress with lots of fringe. A black feather boa, rope pearls and sequined headband completed "the look".

This was a quick watercolor "sketch".

November 10, 2008


I think my grandson, Matt, lived most of his boyhood on a skateboard. One afternoon he was demonstrating some of his skills on the street in front of his house.

November 9, 2008


This is a pencil sketch I did of my grandaughter, Angela. As I am posting these paintings and drawings of my grandchildren I realize that I need to do some up-to-date paintings. How quickly the years have passed. Angela is the youngest and soon to be 16. She may have been 10 or 11 in this drawing.

November 8, 2008

Colors of Autumn

My least favorite color is orange and I forced myself to do this painting using the warm autumn colors. I was also doing the study to practice negative painting. The bright spot on the right side is the reflection of the flash as the painting was under glass when I snapped the picture. If I ever learn PhotoShop I can probably repair that.

This is one of the paintings that was purchased right off my wall by someone touring my house with a realtor. I was selling paintings but not the house. One more I didn't have to pack for the move to San Antonio.

November 6, 2008

Nestled in the Woods

This was a commission I did last year. The owners of this home were gifted this painting by their friends. I have no idea where this homesite is but it looks so inviting.